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Category Archives: Public conferences and seminars

Techspace @ IoTAsia 2019, March 2019,  Singapore, “Panel discussion: IoT and Blockchain security”

DiCyFor Security Summit 2019, February 2019, Singapore, “IoT Security – A reality check”

121 Tech Investment Singapore Conference 2018 , December 2018, Singapore, “Top Ten Cybersecurity Trends and Predictions for 2019”

GovernmentWare 2018, September 2018,  Singapore, “What It Takes to Build a Globally Viable Cybersecurity Business From Singapore, By Singaporeans, to the World”

CSCSS Presents The World IoT Security Congress Singapore 2018, September 2018, Singapore, Opening Address.

Thomvell Cyber Security Asia 2018, September 2018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, “How to design a smart nation securely”

2018 Fortinet’s 361° Security, August 2018, Singapore, Keynote address: “Digital Transformation: Security Considerations in IOT Today. ”

2nd Indian Business Congress, April 2018, Coimbatore, India, Plenary

CSA ASEAN Summit 2017, June 2017, Bangkok, Thailand, Plenary discussion: “The Challenges of Digital Transformation”

Republic Polytechnic School of Infocomm Graduation Ceremony 2017, May 2017, Singapore, Ceremonial address by Guest-of-Honour

CSA APAC Summit 2017, April 2017, Singapore, Opening address

Thai Bankers’ Association and Bank of Thailand Steering Committee meeting, April 2017, Bangkok, Thailand, “CSA STAR for Cloud Security Standard”

Singapore Computer Society Cloud & BCM Conference 2017 – “Powering Cloud and Business Continuity in a Smart Nation”, March 2017, Singapore, Keynote: “Top Cloud security trends for 2017”

Republic Polytechnic School of Infocomm Industry Day – “Building a Secured Cloud” , March 2017, Singapore, Keynote: “Top Cloud security trends for 2017”

移动APP安全研讨会 – CSA MAST规范与STAR Mobile认证, February 2017, Guangzhou, China, Welcome address

4th CSA APAC Congress, November 2016, Bangalore, India, Welcome address

Inaugural CSA Government Cybersecurity Forum, October 2016, Singapore, Welcome address

Trusted Cloud Conference 2016, September 2016, “CSA Mobile App Security Testing”

CSA Financial Cloud Forum, September 2016, Shanghai, China, Welcome address

16th RAISE Forum, August 2016, Singapore, Host’s welcome address

ABS Industry Briefing, August 2016, Singapore, “ABS Industry Briefing on Cloud Computing Implementation Guide Panel Discussion”

CSA Taiwan Summit, July 2016, Taipei, Taiwan, “Panel Discussion: Smart Living”

Tencent Cloud+ Conference, July 2016, Shenzhen, China, “Top 5 Cloud Trends”

CCICI – NIST International Workshop on Cloud Computing and Cyber-Physical Systems, June 2016, Evening Gala Dinner Welcome Address

CSA APAC Summit 2015, May 2016, Opening Welcome Address

SCS cloud computing seminar , April 2016, “Panel Discussion:Data Sanitization on the Cloud: Why, When & How?”

National Cyber Safety and Security Standard Summit, December 2015, Bangalore, India, Keynote

3rd CSA APAC Congress, December 2015, Guangzhou, China, Opening Welcome Address and Closing Keynote for Day 2

CloudAsia, October 2015, Singapore, “Panel discussion: Data as a Service”

Financial Times – Asian Consumer Insight Smarter World Summit, October, Singapore, “Panel discussion: Cybersecurity”

CSA Bangalore Summit, September 2015, Bangalore, India, Keynote address

CloudSEC APAC Conference, August, Singapore, Press Conference

CSA Taiwan Summit, August 2015, Taipei, Taiwan, “Top 5 Cloud Trends”

Cloud India Summit, August 2015, New Delhi, India, Keynote, “Top 5 Cloud Trends”

Trusted Cloud Service Summit, July 2015, Beijing, China, “Top 5 Cloud Trends”

Security Congress APAC, July 2015, Manila, Philippines, Panel discussion: “Challenges in Critical Infrastructure Protection”

CSA ASEAN Summit 2015, June 2015, Bangkok, Thailand, Plenary discussion: “Digital Innovation”

OWASP New Zealand Day 2015, February 2015, Auckland, New Zealand, “Securing the Cloud to the Internet of Things”

Tauranga City Council ITMAG invited speaker series, November 2014, Tauranga, New Zealand, “Lesson Learned from Enterprise Adoption of Cloud”

Executive briefing to Bay of Plenty Council, November 2014, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, “Lesson Learned from Enterprise Adoption of Cloud”

IITP NZ invited speaker series, November 2014 , Hamilton, New Zealand, “Lesson Learned from Enterprise Adoption of Cloud”

Invited Lecturer series, University of Waikato, November 2014, Hamilton, New Zealand, “Lesson Learned from Enterprise Adoption of Cloud”

CSA APAC Summit, October 2014, Singapore, welcome address and Chairman

Financial Cloud Computing Forum 2014, October 2014, Shanghai, China, Keynote

5th ASEAN-Japan Information Security Seminar, September 2014, Manila, Philippines, Presentations: “Securing the Cloud to the Internet of Things” and “Certifications that matters for Cloud Security”

2nd CSA Congress APAC, September 2014, Taipei, Taiwan, Opening welcome keynote and chairman for plenary panel discussion on “The global cloud of Opportunities for APAC”

2nd ASEAN CSA Summit, June 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, Opening keynotes for both days

CSA STAR Seminar (CSA STAR說明會), June 2014, Taipei, Taiwan, Keynote

CSA ASEAN Summit 2014, June 2014, Bangkok, Thailand, Keynote and plenary panel chair

6th China Cloud Computing Conference 2014, May 2014, Beijing, China

BSTCC 1st Workshop on Cloud Security and Safe City, May 2014, Beijing, China

APCert Conference, March 2014, Taipei, Taiwan, Keynote

Cloud China Conference, March 2014, Beijing, China, Keynote

CSA Summit, February 2014, San Francisco, USA, working group chairman

2nd CSA APAC CISO Forum 2013, December 2013, Macau, Chairman

4th CSA Congress 2013, December 2013, Orlando, USA

Questex Breakfast Seminar, November 2013, Singapore

Cybersecurity Malaysia Conference, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, “The Global Mandate to secure Cloud Computing”

BSI Taiwan Information Security Seminar 2013 (2013 第十屆BSI前瞻國際標準趨勢資安年會), November 2013, Taipei, Taiwan, Keynote

Taiwan Stock Exchange Annual Retreat 2014, November 2013, Hualien, Taiwan

2013科技北京国际论坛——城市安全技术交流会,October 2013, Beijing, China, Keynote 3: “The Global Mandate to secure Cloud Computing”

ITSMF Taiwan Summit 2013, October 2013, Taipei, Taiwan, Closing Keynote

2nd CSA EMEA Congress, September 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland, Panel Chair

3rd CloudSEC 2013, August 2013, Singapore. Chair and keynote for the CSA Track.

Japan-ASEAN Information Security Workshop, August 2013, Tokyo, Japan, “Top Threats to Cloud”

2nd CIRRUS Workshop (EU FP 7), July 2013, Kyoto, Japan, “Cloud Security Alliance Asia Pacific”

Next Generation Data Conference Asia Pacific Conference 2013, June 2013, Shanghai, China, “Towards a Trusted Cloud Eco-System – Are you ready?”

2nd ASEAN CIO Summit 2013, June 2013, Jakarta, Indonesia, “The Global Mandate to secure Cloud Computing”

APKIC Conference, June 2013, Bangkok, Thailand, “The Global Mandate to secure Cloud Computing”

Microsoft China Azure Launch, June 2013, Beijing, China, Keynote

5th China Cloud Computing Conference, June 2013, Beijing, China, “Building a Trusted Cloud Eco-system”

“北京航空航天大学计算机学院 – 云安全研讨”, May 2013, Beijing, China

Inaugural CSA APAC Congress (co-hosted together with CloudAsia), May 2013, Singapore, Chairman

ComputerWorld Summit, Mar 2013, Singapore, “The Global Mandate to secure Cloud Computing”

CEP Workshop, Mar 2013, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, “The Global Mandate to secure Cloud Computing”

CSA Summit, Feb 2013, San Francisco, USA, working group chairman.

Inaugural CSA ASEAN Summit, Feb 2013, Bangkok, Thailand, Chairman

IngramMicro-Altria Cloud Security Seminar, Jan 2013, Singapore. “Towards a Trusted Cloud”

Internet Show Indonesia Conference, Dec 2012, Jakarta, Indonesia, “Towards a Trusted Cloud”

CyberSecurity Asia Forum, Nov 2012, Singapore, “Protecting your critical data in the Cloud”

2nd CSA Taiwan Congress, Nov 2012, Taipei, Taiwan

CSA CISO Summit, Nov 2012, Singapore, Chairman

CSA Summit China, Oct 2012, Beijing, China, Closing panel discussion

Business Connect Conference, Oct 2012, Bangkok, Thailand, “Towards a Trusted Cloud”

Ingram Micro Partner Day – Symantec, Sep 2012, Singapore, “Introduction to Cloud Security’

ITX Asia Conference, Sep 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, “Towards a Trusted Cloud”

CloudSec Singapore, Aug 2012, Singapore, “Updates from CSA APAC”

RAISE Forum, Aug 2012, Tokyo, Japan, “Updates from Singapore – TR 31”

CIO China Summit, Aug 2012, Beijing, China, “Cloud Security, an APAC perspective”

NGN Info Security Intrusion Test Studio, Jul 2012, Singapore.

The 3rd Cloud Computing Executive Roundtable 2012, May 2012, Singapore.

Cloud Security, Governance and Standards Asia 2012, Apr 2012, Singapore.

CloudSec Malaysia 2012, Apr 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Computerworld Singapore Security Summit, Apr 2012, Singapore.

ASEAN-Japan Security Workshop for security awareness and education, Mar 2012, Tokyo, Japan.

CSA Summit, Feb ’12, San Francisco, USA, Working group chairman

CSA Congress, Nov ’11, Orlando, USA, International Panel Speaker

Cyber Security Asia, Nov ’11, SMI-Asia, Singapore.

CJK Standardization Workshop, Nov ’11, Beijing, China.

CSA Summit Beijing 2011, Nov ’11, Beijing, China.

CloudSec 2011, 18 Oct ’11, Singapore.

ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 Fall International Meeting 2011, Oct’11, Nairobi, Kenya.

HP SEA Enterprise Security Roundtable, Sep ’11, Singapore.

Halo 2011 – “Removing Network and Security Roadblocks in the Next-Generation Data Center”, Sep ’11, Singapore.

Cloud Security Alliance Singapore Summit, Sep ’11, Singapore.

Banking Security Conference 2011, Aug ’11, Singapore.

Defence, Science & Research Conference, Aug ’11, Closing plenary: “Towards a Trusted Cloud”

Starhub Business Solutions Product Launch, Jul ’11 , “Security in Enterprise Mobility”, Singapore

CloudAsia 2011, May ’11, Informa Telecoms, Media Asia and IDA, Singapore

The 2nd Cloud Computing Executive Roundtable 2011, May ’11, Market Intelligence Group,  Singapore

Government CIO Forum, May ’11, IDA, Singapore

ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 27 WG 4/27032 WG meetings and CSA liaison to WG 1 and WG 4, Apr ’11, ISO/IEC, Singapore

Asian Banker Summit, Apr ’11, AsianBanker, Hong Kong

RAISE Forum, Mar ’11, Taipei Taiwan, “Cloud Security Challenges Today and Tomorrow”

CSA Summit, Feb ’11, San Francisco, USA, Panelist

The 3rd Financial Data and Information Asia 2011, Feb ’11, Shanghai China, Keynote Address: “Cloud Security Challenges Today & Tomorrow”

CSA Summit China 2010, Sep ’10, Beijing China, Inaugural Board of Directors Address (via Telepresence, Mandarin presentation)

Info Security Conference, May ’10, Singapore, Keynote Address: “Outlining the latest guidelines and methods to ensure optimal Cybersecurity”

IT Security Standards Seminar, Apr ’10, Melaka Malaysia, “Update on International Standard for Cybersecurity”

IT Security Standards Seminar, Nov ’09, Redmond-Washington USA, “Update on International Standard for Cybersecurity”

Singapore Information Technology Standards Committee Conference – “International Standards for Information”, Oct ’09, Singapore, “Towards an International Standard for Cybersecurity”

IT Security Standards Workshop, May ’09, Beijing China, “Cybersecurity International Standard” (Mandarin presentation)

Singapore Information Technology Standards Committee Seminar – “Leveraging Security Standards in a Challenging Business Landscape”, Jan ’09, Singapore, “Update on ISO/IEC 27032 Cybersecurity International Standard”

ISACA-Symantec Security Roundtable, Oct ’08, Singapore, Chairman

Information Security Standards Seminar, Oct ’08, Limassol Cyprus, “An International Standard for Cybersecurity”

Asia Business Forum’s IT Fraud Conference 2008, Jun ’08, Singapore, Keynote Address: “Trends in Managing Information Risks”

PISA Event, Jun ’08, Hong Kong, “Malware Detection and Preventions”

HK Productivity Council’s PolyNet IT Security Symposium 2008, Jun ’08, Hong Kong, Keynote Address: “Information Leakage and Privacy Concerns”

ID Management Summit Asia 2008, Apr ’08, Singapore, Panel Discussion

Systex and Acer MSS Alliance Seminar – “Understanding Security Management Operations”, Oct ’07, Keynote Address: “Making IT Security Workers Accountable”

Microsoft Technet Singapore Security Briefing, Sep ’07, Singapore, Panel Discussion

2nd Annual Wireless Security Conference, Apr ’07, Singapore, Keynote

Best-In-Class Networking, Wireless, Security & Application Acceleration Solutions for your Business Seminar, Mar ’07, Singapore, Keynote

LexisNexis’s IT Security, Identity and Privacy in the new Web 2.0 Landscape, Feb ‘07, Singapore, “IT Security Trends in Web 2.0”

4th Annual Enterprise Security Asia Conference 2007, Feb ’07, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, “VoIP Security Issues – Why Enterprise Should Be Worried”

Microsoft Business Value Launch – It’s a brand new day, Dec ’06, Singapore, Keynote

Microsoft Technet Conference, Nov ’06, Singapore, “Microsoft Vista Security”

Managing Security in Enterprise Network Conference, Nov ’06, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Keynote

Hacker Halted China, Nov ‘06, Guangzhou China, “Managing Operational Risk” (Chinese presentation)

Integrated Security Conference and Expo, Mar ‘06, Singapore, Keynote

IT Security Career Development Seminar, Mar ‘06, Singapore, Chairman

Asia Internet Security Summit 2005, Nov ’05, Keynote

IDC’s Asia/Pacific Security and Continuity Conference 2005, Mar ’05, Singapore, “Business Intelligence for Information Security”

Pace Seminar series, Nov ’04, Singapore, “IT Security Professional Career Roadmap”

Microsoft XP Service Pack 2 Singapore Launch, Aug ‘04, Singapore

Computer World Security Forum, Apr ’04, Singapore, “Some New INFOSEC Initiatives in our own Backyard” (Also broadcasted via Yahoo!)

Asia Business Forum – IT Risk & Information Security Conference, Mar ’04, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, “Addressing the Challenges of Securing the Wireless Network Infrastructure Security in an Increasingly Mobile Organisation”

Information Security Summit, Nov ’03, Hong Kong,” Security in Next Generation Mobile Phones”

Security, Trust and Confidence ‘Singapore – A Concrete Action Plan’ Conference, Jul ’03, Singapore, “A Step through Incident Handling”


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