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Aloysius Cheang

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Category Archives: Industry affiliations

Member, School of Infocomm Advisory Committee, Republic Polytechnic, Singapore

Member, Industrial Advisory Board, National Cyber Safety and Security Standards, India

Member, National Cloud Computing Advisory Council, Singapore

Member, Industry Advisory Committee and Visiting Professor, Singapore Institute of Technology

Member, Industry Advisory Board and Fellow, Cybersecurity Lab, University of Waikato

Member, Industry Advisory Committee, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

(Former) Singapore NB Head and representative, ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 27 and contributor to ISO standards ISO/IEC 27001/2, ISO/IEC 13335 and ISO/IEC 24762

(Former) Member, Security and Privacy Technical Standards Technical Committee under IT Standards Committee, Singapore

(Former) Co-Editor, ISO/IEC 27032 – “Guidelines for Cybersecurity”

(Former) ISSA CSO round-table member and Cybersecurity advisor (2006 – 2008), USA

(Former) Protem President and Co-Founder, Association of Information Security Professionals (“AISP”) and its predecessor, Special Interest Group in Security and Information Integrity (“SIG^2”), Singapore

(Former) Industry Advisory Panel member, The National Technical Authority for Information Assurance (“CESG”) and Council of Registered Ethical Security Tester (“CREST”), UK

(Former) Protem member, Institute of Information Security Professional (“IISP”), UK