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Aloysius Cheang

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The Straits Times, 7 Jul ’17, “S’pore takes top spot in UN cyber security index”

The Straits Times, 24 May ’17, “Smart Nation push to see $2.8b worth of tenders this year”

联合早报,19 May ’17,”网上交友购物,慎防坠骗局”

The Straits Times, 18 May ’17, “NUS staff hit by ‘spear phishing’ in new cyber attacks”

联合早报, 14 May ’17, “我国没受影响但已提高警惕”

The Straits Times, 14 May ’17, “Cyber attacks on NUS, NTU: Singapore latest target of ever-growing cyber threat”

PR Newswire, 25 Apr ’17, “Cloud Security Alliance Hosts 28th ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27 Meetings”

CSA, 13 Apr ’17, “State of Cloud Adoption Report 2017”

联合早报, 1 Mar ’17, “新加坡专家:黑客入侵事件 显示实行电脑分隔必要性”

The Straits Times, 28 Feb ’17, “Personal data of 850 national servicemen and Mindef staff stolen in targeted cyber attack”

华夏经纬网, 21 Feb ’17, “RSA大会圆满结束 蓝盾股份展位备受瞩目”

The Business Times, 16 Feb ’17, “Data science and cybersecurity could boost Singapore’s appeal”

The Straits Times, 10 Feb ’17, “Committee on Future Economy report: Experts laud idea of using NS to boost cyber skills”

TelecomTiger, 24 Jan ’17, “Huawei Became an Executive Corporate Member of the Cloud Security Alliance”

The Straits Times, 11 Jan ’17, “Campaign to ready public servants for Internet separation”

The Straits Times, 28 Dec ’16, “Iris images to be collected from Singaporeans and PRs starting 1 January”

The Straits Times, 5 Dec ’16, “Singtel probes cause of nearly 24-hour outage”

PR Newswire, 23 Nov ’16, “Cloud Security Alliance Releases Report on State of Cloud Adoption in India”

(VR资讯) VR News, 23 Nov ’16, “BSI携手CSA共同助力中国云安全产业发展”

The Straits Times, 11 Nov ’16, “All civil servants to use Facebook’s Workplace”

APAC CIO Outlook,  8 Nov ’16, “How to deal with the future of IoT?”

中国日报, 2 Nov ’16, “云安全联盟与安永中国联合发布中国金融服务报告”

BankInfoSecurity, 2 Nov ’16, “StarHub Attack Raises IoT Security Questions”

PR Newswire, 2 Nov ’16, “Cloud Security Alliance Releases Chinese Financial Services Report with Ernst & Young China”

The New Paper, 28 Oct ’16, “Anything connected to the Internet can be target of cyber criminals”

搜狐, 28 Oct ’16, “中兴通讯成为云安全联盟全球企业会员,助力云安全进入M-ICT2.0 新时代”

APAC CIO Outlook, 28 Sep ’16, “CXO Insights – Mobile Application Security Testing (MAST)”

IDC (中国IDC圈), 5 Sep ’16, “云安全联盟CSA亚太区执行副总裁张润才:移动应用安全检测”

The Straits Times, 2 Sep ’16, “CorpPass to replace SingPass for businesses”

Data Centre Alliance, 30 Aug ’16, “一场会议,洞悉全球风起“云”涌—可信云大会2日主会场初探”

International Finance Magazine, 26 Aug ’16,”Will banks dump the password?”

International Finance Magazine, 10 Aug ’16, “Stealing money online becoming easier than street theft”

51 CTO, 7 Jul ’16, “云安全联盟之2016 全球云安全的大趋势”

MSDN, 5 Jul ’16, “云安全联盟之2016 全球云安全的大趋势”

万花镜,14 Jun ’16, “为了腾讯云马化腾不仅上阵还约了百名大咖”

The Straits Times, 11 Jun ’16, “And next, a mobile digital ID?”

Initium Media, 11 Jun ’16, “新加坡將禁止公務員用辦公電腦上網,是開歷史倒車?”

Radar Pekalongan, 8 Jun ,16, “Singapura Akan Berlakukan Larangan PNS Gunakan Internet Di Kantor”

The Straits Times, 8 Jun ’16, “Singapore public servants’ computers to have no Internet access from May next year”

The Straits Times, 24 May ’16, “Smart Nation push to see $2.8b worth of tenders this year”

ISMG, 16 May ’16, “Singapore Issues Guidance for Cloud Outage Threats”

ConvergenceAsia, 15 May ’16, “Mobile app security certification in the works”

The Straits Times, 16 Mar ’16, “E-identity Cards For All Singaporeans On The Cards”

The Straits Times, 8 Mar ’16, “Smart Nation Fellowship aims to woo top S’porean IT talent”

BankinfoSecurity, 19 Jan ’16 ,”Cloud Security is Not a ‘Fashion Statement'”

The Straits Times, 23 Oct ’15, “MOE raising schools’ Web defences”

Digital NewsAsia,1 Sep ’15, “Companies resist mandatory disclosure, cybersecurity suffers”

The Straits Times, 28 Aug ’15, “Adultery Site Leak: More than Meets the Eye”

The Straits Times, 25 Aug ’15, “Surge in Online Scams in First Half of the Year”

The Straits Times, 25 May ’15, “Bank Apps With Mobile Payment Services On The Rise”

Data Breach Today, 24 Apr ’15, “Cloud Security Certification Launched”

International Finance Magazine, Apr – Jun ’15, “Nothing is too small for hackers”

The Straits Times, 10 Apr ’15, “Crack team to back ‘smart nation'”

Digitimes, 5 Mar ’15, “雲端上的APP是否真的安全?”

The Straits Times, 28 Jan ’15, “New agency to direct S’pore’s cyber defence”

The Straits Times, 20 Dec ’14, “Sony hacking: Singapore ‘among sites used by hacker group'”

南阳视界,20 Dec ’14, “新加坡被黑客利用成为攻击基地之一”

Techday, 26 Nov ’14, “STRATUS project to help put New Zealand on global IT map”.

ChannelLife NZ, 25 Nov ’14, “STRATUS project to help put New Zealand on global IT map”

PR Newswire, 17 Nov ’14, “Ribose first to achieve CSA STAR Certification with new CCM 3.0.1 cloud security standard”

Execunet China,14 Nov ’14, “CSA到访北森 共商人力资源行业云安全标准”

ChannelnewsAsia, 7 Nov ’14, Perspectives

ChannelnewsAsia, 5 Nov ’14, Perspectives prelude exclusive interview – “Return Control to the User”

聯合財經 (UDN Money), 5 Sep ’14, “雲端安全聯盟亞太年會 台北登場”

赛宝新闻中心,25 Aug ’14, “云安全联盟CSA亚太区总经理Aloysius Cheang来访”

Digitimes, 26 Jun ’14, “工業局推動中華電雲端服務安全 國際掛保證”

PR Newswire, 22 Jun ’14, “Ribose joins CSA to promote international standards for cloud security”

聯合新聞(UDN),17 Jun ’14, “中華電雲端服務國際掛保證”

The Straits Times, 6 Jun ’14, “IDA to review login system for SingPass”

股吧,1 Jun ’14, “蓝盾再续云安全联盟 推动国内云安全发展”

The Straits Times, 21 May ’14, “Blogger points out NDP website security flaw”

The Sunday Times, 11 May ’14, “Buy friends online”

Economic Daily Times (經濟日報), 22 Mar ’14, “亞太區電腦事故協調組織資訊安全研討會在台舉行”

China Cloud, 21 Mar ’14, “建立可信赖的云生态系统”

The Straits Times, 13 Mar ’14, “MISSING MAS FLIGHT: Answers to key questions on MH370 disappearance”

The Straits Times, 25 Jan ’14, “‘Anonymous member’: Release vandalism suspects”

The Straits Times, 6 Dec ’13, “Data theft: MAS to review bank’s report”

The Straits Times, 6 Dec ’13, “StanChart says private bank client statements stolen”

Telecom paper, 3 Dec ’13, “NWT joins STAR as corporate member”

The Straits Times, 15 Nov ’13, “Hacking probes show Singapore must be on its guard”

Asia Cloud Forum, 9 Oct ’13, “CSA to launch 3 cloud initiatives at Macau CISO APAC Forum”

Macau Daily, 8 Oct ’13, “亞太資訊論壇十二月舉行“

數位時代, 7 Oct ’13, ”雲端安全聯盟宣布亞太區首席資訊安全官論壇演講嘉賓及議程“

Marketwire, 7 Oct ’13, “Cloud Security Alliance Announces CISO APAC Forum Speakers and Agenda”

Asia PKI Consortium, 17 Sep ’13, “The Common Denominators– Collaboration of Cross-Region on E-Government Application, Cloud Computing and Security”

Economic Daily News, 25 July ’13, ”第二界 CSA APAC CISO Forum 2013 12月假澳門舉辦“

Digitimes, 28 June ’13, “雲端安全聯盟決定將亞太研發中心設在台灣”

China Times, 28 Jun ’13, “雲端安全聯盟亞太研發中心將設新北”

Yam News, 28 Jun ’13, “全球最雲端安全組織選定新北市設置亞太研發中心”, 28 Jun ’13, ”雲端安全聯盟亞太研發中心擇定新北市“

Marketwire, 25 Jun, 13, “Cloud Security Alliance APAC Issues Call for Papers for CISO Forum 2013”

Guangming online (光明网)& 中国科学报,18 Jun ’13, “如何守护“云”端上的安全 政策法规社会体系建设”

PC Today, Volume 11 Issue 6, Jun ’13, “Standardizing the Cloud”

Marketwire, 31 May ’13, “White Paper Analysing Cloud Vulnerability Incidents from 2008-2012 released by the CSA Cloud Vulnerabilities Working Group”

Yahoo Finance, 15 May ’13, “Cloud Security Alliance APAC Defines 2013-2014 Research Roadmap”

ChannelNewsAsia, 15 May ’13, “Cloud Security Alliance Develops Third-Party Certification Scheme with Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore”

Marketwire, 15 May ’13, “Cloud Security Alliance Successfully Completes Open Certification Framework (OCF) Pilot Implementations with Alibaba and New Taipei City Government”

Marketwire, 10 May ’13, “Cloud Security Alliance Expands APAC Region Leadership Team”

IT Home, 17 Mar ’13, “雲端安全認證今年底正式上路”

Yahoo!奇摩部落格 Taiwan, 12 Mar’13,”雲端安全認證 新北榮登全世界第1個國際認證城市”

聯合晚報, Taiwan, 12 Mar ’13, “全球政府首例 新北取得雲端安全聯盟認證計畫”

Marketwire, 12 Mar ’13, “CSA and New Taipei City Government Partner to Drive Cloud Computing Adoption”

Marketwire, 7 Feb ’13, “Cloud Security Alliance and Electronic Government Agency (EGA) of Thailand Partner to Drive Cloud”

Bangkok Post, Thailand, 7 Feb ’13, “Pact with CSA meant to lure the the Cloud Big Boys”

The Nation, Thailand, 7 Feb ’13, “First Step towards G-Cloud Computing”

MarketWire, 5 Sep ’12, “CSA Partners with ASTRI to Further APAC Cloud Security Initiatives”

ComputerWorld Singapore, 15 Aug ’12, “The The Cloud is here; now secure it”

MarketWire, 14 Aug ’12, “CSA, EBD and IDA to Ratify Singapore APAC Headquarters at CloudSec 2012 Conference”

Asia Cloud Forum, 30 Jul ’12, “CSA APAC HQ selection: Is Hong Kong losing out in cloud race?”

Asia Cloud Forum, 24 Jul ’12, “The multiplier effect of CSA’s corporate HQ in Singapore”

Marketwire, 20 Jul ’12, “Cloud Security Alliance picks S’pore for corporate HQ”

iNSG newsletter, Eye 2 eye by IDA, 20 Jun ’12, “Driving cloud security”

RSIS Cybersecurity Workshop, 18 Jun ,12, “The future of sovereignty in Cyberspace”

The Straits Times, 9 Jun’ 12, “Posting critics’ photos ‘could get blogger sued”

Marketwire, 18 May ’12, “CSA launches Hong Kong and Macau Chapter at “Building Trust in Cloud Computing Summit 2012”

Computerworld Hong Kong, 17 May ’12, “Cloud Security Alliance launches Hong Kong Macau chapter”

Marketwire, 15 May ’12, “Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore and Cloud Security Alliance Launch Joint Initiative to create Trusted Cloud Ecosystem in Singapore”

Marketwire, 14 May ’12, “Cloud Security Alliance to launch Australia Chapter at AusCERT”

Marketwire, 9 May ’12, “CSA announces Open Certification Framework for Cloud Providers”

The Straits Times, 30 Apr ’12, “Housewife finds her bikini photo on porn and dating sites”

SC Cyberworld, 27 Apr ’12, “Trend Micro continues to secure your journey to the cloud via CloudSEC 2012”

Marketwire, 9 Apr ’12, “Cloud Security Alliance Appoints Cyber Security Industry Veteran from Trend Micro as First Asia Pacific Executive Council Chairman”

Marketwire, 27 Feb ’12, “CSA announces Asia Pacific expansion initiative; announces partnership with Trend Micro as founding sponsor”

The New Paper, 28 Jan ’12, “Online allegations against MP Yaw”

Enterprise Innovation, 5 Dec ’11, “Standardized data governance policies key to cloud adoption”

Computerworld Malaysia, 14 Nov ’11, “Survey indicates in cloud computing emphasis”

iNSG Infocomm Snapshot by IDA, 28 Sep ’11, “Addressing Key Impediment in Cloud Adoption”.

The Straits Times, 22 Sep ’11, “Singapore to set up National Cyber Security Centre”

MIS-Asia, CIO-Asia and Computerworld, 9 Sep ’11,”Cloud Security Alliance Singapore Kicks Off First Event”

The New Paper, 13 Aug ’11, “‘I found it strange my password was rejected'”

The Straits Times, 18 Jun ’11, “Hackers Steal Data from NParks Portal”

Marketwire, 20 May ’11, “Cloud Security Alliance Launches New Greater China Regional Coordinating Body”

Marketwire, 20 Apr ’11, “Cloud Security Alliance Announces Key Initiative in Development of Cloud Security Standards in Partnership With ISO/IEC”

The Straits Times, 13 Apr ’11, “Interest group tackles cloud security issues”

The New Paper, 26 Feb ’11, “Companies atwitter over social media”

Yahoo! News Singapore, 4 Dec ’10, “APEC forum in S’pore was target of cyberterrorists”

The Wall Street” Journal, 7 Nov ’10, “The Great American Wall”

The New Paper, 5 Oct ’10, “‘Perfect’ maid turns naughty”

The New Paper, 4 Oct ’10, “Web prank’s dark side”

The Straits Times, 27 Jul ’10, “Quality booster for infocomm security”

The New Paper, 15 May ’10, “‘Help, we were robbed at gunpoint’”

The New Paper, 2 Apr ’10, “Private Facebook photos not so private”

The Straits Times, 25 Mar ’10, “MDA: Why it won’t ban sexual grooming websites”

The Straits Times, 5 Jan ’10, “Warning: .sg websites get red-flagged”

The New Paper, 8 Nov ’09, “Condo residents’ website hacked after online spat”

The New Paper, 3 Nov ’09, “Vile Facebook profile: Teacher resigns, removes video”

The New Paper, 22 Jun ’09, “There are some really sick people out there”

The Straits Times, 19 Jun ’09, “No killer features”

The New Paper, 20 Sep ’08, “Who hacked my e-mail?”

My Paper, 22 Jul ’08, “Now, there is a way to verify IC numbers”

Wenweipo-HK (香港文匯報), 5 Jun ’08, “Online share trading over WIFI is susceptible to password stealing (WiFi炒股易遭盗口令)”

My Paper, 5 Jun ’08, “Flipped PIN e-mail tip exposed as a myth”

The New Paper, 28 Apr ’08, “Don’t be fooled by e-mail scams”

The New Paper, 21 Mar ’08, “Facebook suspends his account with no warning”

My Paper, 1 Feb ’08, “Sneaky cyber intruder – Singapore banks not hit yet but warned to be vigilant”

The Straits Times, 1 Jan ’08, “Tech trends 2008 – Security: Storm warning issued”

The New Paper, 31 Dec ’07, “JC, Sec schools slapped with warning letters”

The Straits Times, 4 Dec ’07, “Bold statement, but McAfee report falls short”

The New Paper, 23 Nov ’07, “Odex website hacked”

The Straits Times Online, 22 Nov ’07, “Odex website hacked”

The New Paper, 24 Sep ’07, “Tell-tale tickets”

The New Paper, 18 Aug ’07, “Thumb a ride to cashless partying”

The Straits Times, 17 Jul ’07, “Power failure shuts down many govt websites”

Today, 7 Jun ’07, “Asian patrol for World Wide Web”

The Sunday Times, 27 May ’07, “When countries are hacked”

The Straits Times, 17 Apr ‘07, “Time to suite up your computer”

The Straits Times, 17 Mar’ 07, “Websites ending with .sg among the world’s safest”

The Straits Times, 24 Feb ’07, “New media: A case of Jekyll & Hyde”

The Straits Times, 16 Jan ‘07, “Computer forensics”

The New Paper, 6 Jan ’07, “Did overseas hackers do this?”

The Straits Times, 11 Nov ‘06, “Jail time for leeching wireless?”

ZDNet Asia, 26 Sep ’06, “Do former black hats make good hires?”

ZDNet Asia, 9 Jun ’06, “Make IT workers accountable, experts urged”

The Straits Times, 7 Mar ’06, “Bigger role, bigger pay”

CIO Magazine, Sep’ 05, “The mobility threat”

Computerworld, Sep’ 05, “In defence of the perimeter”

(ISC)2 Press Release, Jun ’05, “(ISC)2 Announces Program to Support Local Information Security Interest Groups”

IDA Press Release, Jun ’05, “Singapore Builds New Capability to Perform Complex IT Products Security Certification”

The Straits Times, 18 Mar ’05, “Weather station monitors Net attacks”

Time Asia Magazine, 7 Mar ’05, “Paris Hilton’s hack attack”

The New Paper, 25 Feb ’05, “How safe is your phone?”

The Straits Times, 26 Oct ‘04, “Honey, let’s sting the bees”

The New Paper, 7 Sept ’04, “Wireless? Here’s how to stop hijackers”

ChannelNewsAsia, 30 Aug ’04, “The Agenda”

Computerworld, 24 Aug ’04, “Tackling SP2 compatibility”

Microsoft press Release, 24 Aug ’04, “Windows XP Service Pack 2 Boosts Microsoft Singapore’s Efforts to Address Users’ Computer Security Concerns”

Computerworld, 28 Apr ’04, Forum Special Report – “Security in a Brave New World”

The Sunday Times, 25 Apr ’04, “Robbed from a distance… and he doesn’t even know it”

The New Paper, 10 Apr ’04, “SMS Theft”

ITSC Synthesis Journal, 2003, “Singapore IT Security Landscape – Activities, Standards and Future”

Computerworld, 4 Jul ’03, “Security powwow”, “Getting a grip on liabilities”, “Security pains and “Perimeter of privacy”

Computerworld, 28 Mar ’03, Tech Guide Security Part 3 – “Crossing the great divide” and “Getting a grip on security”

The New Paper, 6 Feb ’03, “300 hackers unite to help in IT security”

The Computer Times, 15 Jan ’03, “Giving hacking a good name”